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Warning: Whilst this is a straightforward operation if you are not comfortable with it, or find it difficult once started, consult a professional. Always ensure you re-fit wheels and wheel-nuts safely and in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.


Step Fig Description

First, remove the wheel from the bicycle (or other application) and ensure the wheel is safe and in good clean condition.


Remove the tyre and old tube. Discard the tube and check the condition of the tyre.

3   Clean any dirt from the wheel rim (this will make the fitting process easier).

Refit one side of the tyre onto the trim.


Insert the Bluetube into the tyre and onto the wheel rim, working it down into the well of the rim and pushing the tyre down onto it.


Start to refit the second side of the tyre,working around the rim from one point. As you get further round the rim towards you starting point this will become more difficult and you will need to use tyre levers to ease the tyre on. Care should be taken not to snag the Bluetube with the levers.


Ensure the tyre has seated evenly and correctly into the rim then re-fit the wheel to your bicycle or other application.