Bluetube puncture proof inner tubes for bikes means no more flat tyres!

Puncture Resistant TyresFirst there was the solid tyre ...ouch! Then there was the comfort of the inflated tyre ...psssssss! Now we offer you Bluetube, comfort without the problem of punctures.

Bluetube is a puncture proof inner tube designed for puncture free cycling that protects against punctures and prevents flat tyres for bikes, wheelchairs and other wheeled devices.

Bluetube combines the reliability of a solid tyre with the comfort of an inflated tyre - the best of both worlds that is not just puncture resistant but completely PUNCTURE PROOF. Made from Polyurethane it simply replaces your old innertube. It’s that simple! Fit it once and never fix a puncture again.

There’s got to be a catch?

No, it really is that simple, no more flat tyres! And with sizes to fit most applications, and simple to follow fitting instructions, you’ll wonder why you haven’t fitted Bluetube before.

But will it fit my application?

We stock a wide range of Bluetubes suitable for bikes, buggies, trailers, wheelchairs, and many other applications. Check out the simple Size Guide...