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Fit Bluetube, save £££’s and keep your customers happy too...

Punctures are perhaps the most common nuisance experienced in the cycle hire trade, costing time, money and customer good-will. By fitting Bluetube punctures can be eliminated completely, keeping bikes on the road and avoiding the time consuming inconvenience of having to exchange wheels or bikes at the roadside, or perhaps at a trackside deep in the woods.

By fitting Bluetube you get:

One happy customer sent us the following email having fitted Bluetube:

"I’d like to say how much I am impressed by the Bluetubes now fitted to my bike. Living in the country I have been plagued by punctures from thorns and other debris in the Devon lanes. I can now ride with confidence as a commuter cycling to work. The ride is wonderful too and compares favourably with the old air-filled tubes. As a chartered engineer and academic I also recognise the huge technical achievement in developing this product. Well done and thank you..."

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